Restaurant Manager careers Dubai with salary 3800 – 6000 AED

Restaurant Manager careers Dubai with salary 3800 – 6000 AED
Restaurant Manager careers Dubai with salary

Restaurant Manager careers in Dubai, offer an exciting opportunity to lead and oversee the operations of some of the world’s most renowned dining establishments.

Dubai’s vibrant culinary scene attracts talent from around the globe, making it an ideal destination for aspiring and experienced Restaurant Managers alike.

As a Restaurant Manager in Dubai, you’ll have the chance to work in diverse settings, ranging from fine dining restaurants to casual eateries and everything in between.

Responsibilities typically include managing staff, ensuring exceptional customer service, overseeing budgets and financials, and maintaining quality standards.

Dubai’s cosmopolitan environment provides a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, offering Restaurant Managers the chance to work with diverse teams and cater to an international clientele.



Restaurant Manager careers Dubai
Restaurant Manager careers Dubai with salary



Restaurant Manager careers Dubai

With opportunities for career advancement and professional development, Restaurant Manager careers in Dubai offer a rewarding and dynamic path for individuals passionate about the hospitality industry.


Job Details
Category Customer Service
Career Level Entry Level
Experience 1 Year
Required Qualification Not specified
Requires Traveling No
Salary 3800 – 6000 AED
Salary Type Per Month
Total Vacancies 5
Restaurant Manager Lead, Business, Staff, Customer, Revenue, Profitability, Quality
Restaurant, Production, Productivity, Standards, Management Skills
Front of House Room, Balance, Seating Capacity, Management
Back of the House Food Preparation, Health, Safety, Regulations
Expectations Busy Environment, Operations, Customer Satisfaction
Customer Complaints, Performance Feedback, Brand
Customer Service Restaurant General Manager, Hospitality Manager, Food
Inform Restaurant Management Software, Leadership, Financial Management
We are looking for a restaurant manager to lead all aspects of our business. You will deliver a high-quality menu and motivate our staff to provide excellent customer service.


Restaurant Manager Responsibilities:

– Maintain the restaurant’s revenue, profitability, and quality goals. Ensure efficient restaurant operation, maintain high production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.
– Oversee both front and back of the house operations, including hiring qualified staff, setting work schedules, overseeing food preparation, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.
– Lead by example and uplift staff during busy moments in a fast-paced environment to ensure smooth restaurant operation and pleasant dining experiences for customers.


– Coordinate daily Front of the House and Back of the House restaurant operations.
– Deliver superior service and maximize customer satisfaction. Respond efficiently and accurately to customer complaints.
– Regularly review product quality and research new vendors. Organize and supervise shifts.
– Appraise staff performance and provide feedback to improve productivity. Estimate future needs for goods, kitchen utensils, and cleaning products.
– Ensure compliance with sanitation and safety regulations. Manage the restaurant’s image and suggest ways to improve it.
– Control operational costs and identify measures to cut waste. Create reports on revenues and expenses.
– Promote the brand in the local community through word-of-mouth and restaurant events. Recommend ways to reach a broader audience.
– Train new and current employees on proper customer service practices. Implement policies and protocols to maintain future restaurant operations.


– Proven work experience as a Restaurant Manager, Restaurant General Manager, Hospitality Manager, or similar role.
– Extensive food and beverage (F&B) knowledge. Familiarity with restaurant management software.
– Strong leadership, motivational, and people skills. Acute financial management skills.
– Proven customer service experience as a manager.

Interested and Qualified persons are required to forward their CV/Resume for review and immediate application processing.





How to Apply:

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