jobs in dubai for female

jobs in dubai for female
jobs in dubai

Job Openings for Emirati Females Only at Amr 

Greetings! We are currently seeking Emirati females, experienced or inexperienced, to join our team as Customer Happiness Consultants specializing in immigration transaction processing at Amr. Please send your CV to [email protected].

Organization Name: Prints Business Center for Businessmen Services, located at Dubai City Center, Shindagha.

Position: Customer Happiness Consultant

Location: City Center Shindagha, Dubai


  • Emirati nationality only.
  • Experience in Amr is preferred.
  • Immediate availability for interviews from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Please mention your nationality and experience in Amr in the subject line of the email to facilitate sorting between applications.

Thank you!




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