Jobs in Ajman for Arabic and English speaking

Jobs in Ajman for Arabic and English speaking
Jobs in Ajman for Arabic and English

Title: Exciting Job Opportunity with Government Entity in Ajman


A prestigious government entity in Ajman is currently seeking qualified Emirati candidates to join their team in the position of “Strategic Office and Project Management Director.” This challenging role requires individuals with a background in Quality Management and Excellence, offering an excellent opportunity for growth and development.


  1. Organization Type: Governmental Entity
    • Join a dynamic team within a respected government organization.
  2. Nationality: Emiratis (Completion of National Service is a prerequisite)
    • Open exclusively to Emirati nationals, reflecting the commitment to local talent.
  3. Gender: Male and Female
    • Equal opportunities for both genders, promoting diversity and inclusivity.
  4. Job Title: Director of Strategic Office and Project Management
    • Responsible for overseeing strategic initiatives and project management.
  5. Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s in Quality Management or related field
    • Academic excellence in a relevant discipline.
  6. Experience: 6 Years in the Same Field
    • A minimum of six years of hands-on experience in strategic management and project administration.
  7. Languages: Arabic and English
    • Proficiency in both languages is essential for effective communication.
  8. Salary: To be Determined After Interview
    • Competitive compensation based on qualifications and experience.
  9. Location: Ajman
    • The position is based in the vibrant city of Ajman.
  10. Working Days: Monday to Friday
    • A standard workweek, providing a healthy work-life balance.
  11. Working Hours: 8 Hours
    • A regular eight-hour workday for optimal productivity.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resumes in PDF format to [email protected]. Please ensure to mention the job title in the email subject.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the success of a prominent government entity in Ajman. Join us in making a positive impact on strategic initiatives and project management within the organization. Apply now!


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