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The UAE’s top-ranked university, Khalifa University is leading R&D of real-world solutions and preparing science and engineering graduates to build a better world.

Jobs in Abu Dhabi for all

what the vacancies we are hiring in Khalifa University?


Jobs in Abu Dhab
Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Khalifa University Vacancies


1- Sales Executive

2- Internal and External Digital Officer.1010046

3- Auditor

4- International Student Services Senior Specialist

5- International Recruitment Officer

6- Student Recruitment and Admissions Officer.1011065

7- Research Systems Specialist.1011404

8- Research Associate.8800613

9- Director Simulation and Commercialization.1050212

10- Senior Auditor.1011012

11- Research Associate.8800692

12- Open Rank Faculty.1011133 – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

13- Manager IP and Agreements

14- Contracts Senior Specialist.1010989

15- Research Associate.8800558

16- Program Manager.8800932

17- Executive Assistant.1010311

18- Enterprise Risk Management Specialist.1011648

19- Social Media Officer.1010047

20- RL Projects Specialist.1011222



How to apply:

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