Job: At Utopia marketing DUBAI

Job: At Utopia marketing DUBAI
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At Utopia marketing DUBAI, We are seeking a skilled and dedicated *Network Engineer* to join our team and contribute to the design, implementation, and maintenance of our cutting-edge network infrastructure.

1.Responsible for daily network monitoring, configuration, operation and maintenance, optimization and maintenance, and regularly write network health analysis reports.
2. Responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of network and monitoring-related systems.
3. Responsible for formulating network system emergency plans and regular emergency drills to ensure the safety, stability and smooth flow of the network.
4. Responsible for the stability and optimization of the daily live broadcast network, the management of all VPN services, and the long-term stable and high-quality use of the live broadcast network.
5. Proficient in the configuration, troubleshooting, redundancy and mutual backup recovery of routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, load balancing and other equipment.
6. Experience in using soft routes such as R6S.
7. Have a certain ability to write technical documents and operation and maintenance manuals.

Salary: *8,000 AED – 11,000 AED*

Please send your resume to this number +971508085346

Thank you!


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