Engineer jobs in Dubai without experience with salary 18,000 AED

Engineer jobs in Dubai without experience with salary 18,000 AED
Engineer jobs in Dubai without experience

Engineer jobs in Dubai without experience, can be challenging to find, but they are not impossible.

Many engineering firms and companies in Dubai offer entry-level positions and graduate programs designed to provide opportunities for fresh graduates and inexperienced engineers.

These roles often involve working closely with experienced professionals, undergoing training programs, and gaining hands-on experience in various engineering disciplines.

Additionally, networking, attending career fairs, and utilizing online job portals are effective ways for inexperienced engineers to connect with potential employers in Dubai.



Engineer jobs in Dubai
Engineer jobs in Dubai without experience

Engineer jobs in Dubai without experience

While competition may be stiff, demonstrating a strong academic background, relevant skills, and a willingness to learn can significantly enhance your chances of securing an entry-level engineering position in Dubai.

With Dubai’s rapidly growing economy and infrastructure development, there are ample opportunities for ambitious individuals to kick-start their engineering careers in this vibrant city.


Company Overview:

Join a prestigious private organization in Dubai and kickstart your engineering career. We are currently seeking qualified Emirati individuals to join our dynamic team.

Nationality and Gender Inclusivity: This opportunity is open to Emirati men, reflecting our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity employment.

Position: Engineer

– Academic Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in any engineering field.
– Experience: No prior experience required; fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
– Languages: Proficiency in both Arabic and English is required for effective communication.

As an Engineer, your responsibilities may include:
– Assisting in engineering design and analysis tasks.
– Collaborating with senior engineers on project planning and execution.
– Conducting research and gathering data to support engineering projects.
– Participating in on-site inspections and assessments as needed.

Salary: Salary offered for this position is 18,000 dirhams.

Location: This position is based in Dubai, offering a vibrant work environment and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

How to Apply:
To apply for this position, please send your updated CV in PDF format to [email protected]. Please mention “Engineer” in the email subject line.

Join Us: Be part of a reputable organization committed to excellence and innovation in Dubai. Take the first step towards a fulfilling engineering career by applying today!




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