Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai with salary 5000 – 10000 AED

Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai with salary 5000 – 10000 AED
Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai with salary 5000

Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai, offering promising opportunities for individuals skilled in analyzing and interpreting data to drive informed business decisions. These roles typically involve collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data from various sources, identifying trends and patterns, and presenting actionable insights to stakeholders.

Responsibilities for Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai may include creating and maintaining databases, developing data models and algorithms, designing and executing data analysis projects, and collaborating with teams to optimize processes and improve performance.

Successful candidates for Data Analyst positions in Dubai possess strong analytical skills, proficiency in data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL, Python, or R, and the ability to communicate complex findings to non-technical audiences. Additionally, familiarity with data visualization techniques and experience with business intelligence platforms may be required for Data Analysts working in Dubai.

Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai
Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai with salary 5000

Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai

Whether you’re an experienced Data Analyst or someone looking to start a career in data analysis, Dubai’s dynamic job market provides diverse opportunities for growth and advancement in this field. Explore the available Data Analyst Jobs in Dubai today and take the next step towards a rewarding career in data analysis.

Job Details
Category Analyst
Career Level Experienced (Non-Managerial)
Experience 2 Years
Required Qualification Degree or Above
Requires Traveling No
Salary 5000 – 10000 AED
Salary Type Per Month
Total Vacancies 1
Data Collection Data Processing
Data Analysis Statistical Analysis
Business Operations Support Report Generation
Data Visualization Model Development
Predictive Analysis Data Science


Main Responsibilities:

– Data Collection and Processing: Gather data from various online platforms and internal systems, clean, and organize it to ensure data quality and accuracy.
– Data Analysis: Use statistical analysis methods to analyze data, identify key trends and patterns in business operations, and support business decision-making.
– Report Generation: Prepare regular data reports to present analysis results, providing actionable insights and recommendations to management.
– Business Support: Work closely with business departments to understand business needs and use data analysis to address specific issues, such as user retention and conversion rate optimization.
– Data Visualization: Create intuitive charts and dashboards using data visualization tools (such as Tableau or Power BI) to make analysis results understandable for non-technical team members.
– Model Development: Develop predictive and other statistical models to forecast user behavior and business outcomes.

Job Requirements:

– Associate degree or higher in Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science, or a related field.
– At least 1 year of work experience in data analysis or a related field, with preference given to candidates with experience in the online gambling industry.
– Proficient in at least one data analysis tool (such as R, Python).
– Experience with data visualization tools (such as Tableau, Power BI).
– Strong logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
– Excellent communication skills, able to simplify complex data analysis results.

How to Apply:

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