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Established in 2010, SearchPlus’ main business focus is in Executive Search and Selection. We start by having a deep understanding of our clients’ industries, business processes and operational requirements. Thereafter, we assist HR managers in fulfilling their requirements for key talent and executives through our comprehensive resume database and own direct searches by short listing and identifying the best possible talent for their organizations. We represent clients from a wide spectrum of industries both local and MNC’s. Our successful recruitment tract record has distinguished ourselves.


Jobs in the United Arab Emirates

what the vacancies we are hiring in SearchPlus HR Dubai?


Jobs in the United Arab Emirates
Jobs in the United Arab Emirates SearchPlus HR Dubai


1- Consultant or Specialist ENT Doctor (FT)

2- Medical Oncologist (FT)

3- Psychiatrist Specialist

4- Specialist/Consultant Internal Medicine

5- Specialist / Consultant Visceral Surgeon

6- Specialist/Consultant Pathologist

7- Specialist / Consultant – Pediatrics Emergency Medicine

8- Acute Medicine Specialist/Consultant (FT)

9- Consultant or Specialist Intensive Care Doctor (FT)

10- Emergency Medicine Specialist/Consultant

11- Specialist Cardiologist (FT)

12- Pediatric Dentistry Specialist (FT)

13- Consultant or Specialist Allergy Medicine Doctor (FT)

14- Specialist Clinical Hematologist (FT)

15- General Surgeon Specialist – Surgical Specialist

16- Consultant or Specialist Cardiac Electrophysiology Doctor (FT)

17- Dermatologist (FT)

18- Consultant or Specialist Gastroenterologist Doctor (FT)

19- Pulmonologist Specialist / Consultant

20- Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist) (FT)

21- Thoracic Surgeon

22- Restorative Dentistry Specialist / Consultant

23- Specialist Implantologist (FT)

24- Surgical Oncologist Consultant

25- Radiology Specialist (FT)



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