Job: At Utopia marketing DUBAI

Job: At Utopia marketing DUBAI
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At Utopia marketing DUBAI, We are looking for a skilled *System Operation and Maintenance Engineer* to join our team and play a crucial role in ensuring the continuous operation and performance of our systems.

1.System Monitoring: Maintenance and Upgrades: Plan and execute regular system maintenance, including updates, patches, and hardware upgrades.
2.Incident Response: Respond to system incidents, outages, and emergencies promptly, minimizing downtime and impact on operations.
3.Performance Optimization: Identify opportunities to enhance system performance and efficiency through tuning and configuration adjustments.
4.Documentation: Maintain accurate system documentation, including configurations, procedures, and troubleshooting guides.
5.Security: Have professional network security knowledge, can handle network security issues and troubleshooting. Implement and enforce security best practices to protect systems and data.
6.Should be Familiar with various server operating systems Linux (centos) and windows. use and operation and maintenance of public cloud products, such as Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and other commonly used cloud products, and can quickly investigate failures and deal with emergencies. with shell scripts, proficient in using command-line tools, can use python scripts, and understand the Java language and the Jvm.with commonly used databases, mysql, mongodb, redis, and certain sql tuning, able to build clusters, test and resolve performance problems, and establish data security backup, rollback, and recovery mechanisms.
7.Familiar with and proficient in using kubernetes, familiar with docker, and experience in large-scale online operation and maintenance. with gitlab, CI/CD, jenkins and other tools, able to build and maintain, and able to build and maintain a continuous delivery platform, with rabbitmq, kafka, mqtt and other messaging middleware, with zookeeper, and able to build and maintain clusters.
8. Be able to build your own monitoring system, including server basic monitoring, micro-service monitoring, etc., and have practical experience.
9. Experience in the construction and maintenance of Internet of Things platforms, experience in the operation and maintenance of high-concurrency systems, familiar with tco/ip communication, and familiar with mqtt.

Salary: *8,000 AED – 11,000 AED*

Please send your resume to this number +971508085346

Thank you!


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