Confidential UAE job openings 2023-2024

Confidential UAE job openings 2023-2024
Confidential UAE job

We publish for our followers the latest job vacancies at Confidential in the UAE, which the company has announced for all specializations for both citizens and foreign expatriates in the United Arab Emirates, according to the details contained in the following recruitment announcement.


Confidential CAREERS

Through our website EN.SHA5R.COM, we review with you the latest job vacancies at Confidential in the UAE with competitive salaries according to the following job titles:


1- Procurement Supervisor – UAE National

2- Customer Service Representative (Logistics and Export)

3- Executive Assistant/Legal Assistant

4- Lead – Oracle Financial / Corporate Applications

5- Chief Learning and Product Officer

6- Information Technology Infrastructure Specialist

7- Dotnet Developer

8- DBA & BI Specialist

9- Director of Operations

10- Human Resources Director

11- Talent Development Manager

12- Python Specialist



Confidential means marked by intimacy or willingness to confide; private, secret; entrusted with confidences1

How to apply for jobs

Application for the jobs announced above is available through the company’s official recruitment website, via the application link:


Thank you for browsing jobs through our website. We wish you success in finding the job you are looking for. You can also follow our official accounts on the following platforms:

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