Carrefour jobs hiring in UAE for all nationalities

Carrefour jobs hiring in UAE for all nationalities

We publish for you an ad for Carrefour jobs in UAE which the company broadcast through its enabled website for all races, according to the preceding release.

Carrefour jobs

Available professional fields is:



Employee Engagement Specialist


Temp Administrator


Executive, Community Management

Human Capital Specialist

Accountant and Document Controller

Financial Controller

Junior Leasing Analyst

CRM Executive

Treasury Analyst

High-Value Tier Coordinator

Below we review with you Abu UAE for all Carrefour assignments by reviewing the following titles.

Minimum Qualifications

1- Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

2- MBA is preferred

Minimum Experience

1- 5+years in a Customer Care function

2- 5+ years of experience working within the retail industry

How to apply

Apply through the following link


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