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We publish for you an announcement for Amentum Jobs in the UAE, which the company blazoned through its sanctioned website for UAE, according to the ensuing advertisement.

Amentum jobs:

Below we review with you the vacancies in  Abu dhabi in United Arab Emirates for all nationalities to work for Amentum Jobs according to the following positions.

1- Warehouse Supervisor

2- Power Production Supervisor

3- Power Production Technician

4- Water Systems Technician

5- Security Escort

6- Fire Alarm Technician

7- General Maintenance Worker – Locksmith

8- Heavy Equipment Operator

9- Medical Logistics Site Superintendent

10- Power Production Technician Lead

11- Project Manager

12- Age Superintendent

13- AMP – Electrical Engineer

14- Fabrication Supervisor

15- Site Supply Manager

16- Electrical Power Production Technician

17- RPA AGE Mechanic II / Deployment Pool

18- Lead Mechanical Engineer

19- Arabic-Modern Standard Linguist II

How to apply

Apply through the following link:

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I hope you have benefited. We continue to publish more and more for you ❥❥


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